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Abstract and Paper Submission - Explanations

Papers must be submitted in two steps: Authors who cannot submit their papers electronically should inform us at papers@dafx.ca

There is also a third step, but only for those submitters whose paper is accepted. In that case, you will be asked to also submit the camera-ready copy electronically. Instructions will be sent after acceptation of your paper.

When filling in the electronic forms, PLEASE USE CAPITALS ONLY WHEN SYNTACTICALLY NEEDED, so e.g. only at the beginning of your Name, not your FULL NAME. (The previous line is an example of a wrong usage of capitals.)

Step 1
Abstract submission

Note: You will be sent a message immediately after your submission. This message contains a login/password combination for phase 2. Please contact us if you don't receive this message within a reasonable time.

Until March 31, 2006

Step 2
Paper submission


Until May 1, 2006

Step 3
Camera-ready paper submission


Until June 1, 2005

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