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Frequently Asked Questions

How cold is Montreal in September?

Do not worry you should not expect any snow at that time of the year. The end of September is usually the start of the fall season well known in Canada for its beautiful colours.
Which browser should I use to correctly browse this site?
We guaranty compatibility with Firefox web browser only. It MAY also work using Safari (MacOsX) and Internet Explorer (Windows XP).


As of Sept 21th 2005, the Canadian Dollar exchange rate is:
1 CAN$ = 0.7 Euro
1 CAN$ = 0.85 US$
Check today's rate

Electrical Outlets

In Canada, the voltage of electrical outlet is 110VAC-60Hz (compared to 220VAC-50Hz in Europe) and the plugs differ from those of European countries. Thus, in order to use all your electronic devices (such as your laptop), you should:
  • check that your power supply will function for 110VAC
  • bring a Canadian convertor plug (Type B), easy to find in many stores in downtown Montreal (for example in the luggage store across the street from the conference hall)
  • use a battery powered alarm clock: European alarm clocks will not synchronise correctly with the 60 Hz current.

I used to land at Mirabel Airport in Montreal:

Mirabel is only used for fret and good transportation now.

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