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How to use the online proceedings?

1. Downloading the files & Information provided in the website

First, all papers are directly accessible as PDF files: To download the whole proceedings as one PDF file (30 Mo), click here, in the "Download (pdf)" menu item, or on the left image.

To access to individual papers when navigating (See section 4 below), please also download the archive of all individual papers (archive here, 29 Mo), unzip it and place the 'papers/' folder in the same folder as the 'allinone.pdf' file. Please also read next section "About electronic proceedings and the CD-ROM".

Note that all copyrights remain with the authors.

Additional resources are provided by some authors: the URL are then provided after the authors' names (DAFx-06 is not responsible for missing data, broken links, etc).

2. Citing DAFx-06 papers

In order to help people cite the DAFx-06 papers, the "Table of contents" also provides LaTeX citation files (for bibtex), indicated as ".bib". A compilation of all those citations can be found here as '.pdf', with the original '.tex' and '.bib' files.

3. Software Requirements

The pdf files has been designed to work on Windows, MacOS X, or Linux, with Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. It may work in another environment; however it may result in missing functionalities. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

4. Viewing the proceedings

For viewing the proceedings, open the file named "allinone.pdf" using Acrobat Reader.

5. Navigating the proceedings

5.1 Links

  • The DAFx-06 proceedings use 'clickable' links embedded in the "Table of contents", the "Index of authors" and the "Full bibliography" sections to access related pages.
  • Links are represented in Acrobat Reader as colour outlines around the linked text (red for pages, purple for URL).


  • Bookmarks allow access to the proceedings' sections, i.e. the preamble the table of contents, the sessions, the full bibliography, and the index of authors.
  • Each session in the bookmark can be expanded to reveal the list of the corresponding papers.

5.3 Special Features

  • The authors' index is located at the last page of the proceedings. It provides direct access to each paper written by a given author. Clicking on a page number leads to the first page of the corresponding paper.
  • The full bibliography is a compilation of all bibliographic references from each DAFx-06 paper. Common items are merged together. Page numbers that appear at the end (right-flushed) of each entry link to the bibliography sections that include it (i.e. the last page of each paper citing the item).
  • When viewing a page, clicking on it opens the corresponding paper's PDF file in a new Acrobat Reader window. It can be used for:
    • close viewing;
    • printing the paper only;
    • accessing its internal links to figures, references, sections, etc.
  • Trick: for the traditional use of the hand-tool within the "allinone.pdf" file, use Shift-Click that prevents the opening of the paper's pdf file.

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