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Program for Monday, Sept. 18, 2006 (Day 1)

07:30 Registrations
08:40 Welcome!
09:00 Keynote 1: Sparse Time-Frequency Transforms and Applications [slides 1.3Mo] [.zip 22.4Mo]
by Bruno Torrésani (LATP, Université de Provence, Marseille)
10:00 Session 1 - Filter Design for Audio
Chair: Udo Zölzer
10:00 Discretization of the '59 Fender Bassman Tone Stack [slides 2.2Mo]
David T. Yeh and Julius O. Smith
10:20 On the Use of Volterra Series for Efficient Real-Time Simulations of Weakly Nonlinear Analog Audio Devices: Application to the Moog Ladder Filter
Thomas Hélie
10:40 Robust Design of Very High-Order Allpass Dispersion Filters [slides 300ko]
Jonathan S. Abel and Julius O. Smith
11:00 Coffee/Tea Break
11:20 Session 2 - Performance and Gestural Control
Chair: Jan Tro
11:20 Consistency of Timbre Patterns in Expressive Music Performance
Mathieu Barthet, Richard Kronland-Martinet and Sølvi Ystad
11:40 Real-Time Detection of Finger Picking Musical Structures [slides 2ko]
Dale E. Parson
12:00 Using Visual Textures for Sonic Textures Production and Control [slides 3.4Mo]
Jehan-Julien Filatriau, Daniel Arfib and Jean-Michel Couturier
12:20 Lunch & Poster Session 1
Graphic Equalizer Design Using Higher-Order Recursive Filters [poster 340ko]
Martin Holters and Udo Zölzer
Performance-Driven Control for Sample-Based Singing Voice Synthesis [poster 1.4Mo]
Jordi Janer, Jordi Bonada and Merlijn Blaauw
Parameterized Morphing as a Mapping Technique for Sound Synthesis
Chinmay Pendharkar, Michael Gurevich and Lonce Wyse
Examining Design Goals of Digital Musical Instruments
Joseph Malloch, David Birnbaum, Elliot Sinyor and Marcelo M. Wanderley
The Modified Chamberlin and Zölzer Filter Structures [poster 260ko]
Duane K. Wise
Smooth and Safe Parameter Interpolation of Biquadratic Filters in Audio Applications
Victor Kalinichenko
(cancelled) Identifying and Analyzing Relevant Characteristics of Dynamic Range Compression
Andrés Cabrera
X-Micks - Interactive Real-Time Content Based Audio Processing [poster 340ko]
Norbert Schnell, Diemo Schwarz and Remy Müller
14:20 Session 3 - Sound Synthesis 1
Chair: Georg Essl
14:20 Dispersion Modeling in Waveguide Piano Synthesis Using Tunable Allpass Filters
Jukka Rauhala and Vesa Välimäki
14:40 Prepared Piano Sound Synthesis
Stefan Bilbao and John ffitch
15:00 Digital Synthesis Models of Clarinet-Like Instruments Including Nonlinear Losses in the Resonator
Philippe Guillemain and Jonathan Terroir
15:20 A Stable Acoustic Impedance Model of the Clarinet using Digital Waveguides
Gary Scavone and Julius O. Smith
15:40 Coffee/Tea Break
16:00 Session 4 - Audio Effects
Chair: Sylvain Marchand
16:00 An interdisciplinary Approach to Audio Effect Classification [slides 6.6Mo]
Vincent Verfaille, Catherine Guastavino and Caroline Traube
16:20 Fractal Modulation Effects
Gianpaolo Evangelista
16:40 The Mellin Pizzicator [slides 4Mo]
Antonio De Sena and Davide Rocchesso
17:00 End of Session
17:30 Visit of CIRMMT and Music Tech
20:00 Concert

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