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Program for Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006 (Day 2)

08:00 Registrations
09:00 Keynote 2: Digital Audio Synthesis and Effects based on Physical Models [slides 4.7Mo]
Julius Smith (CCRMA, Stanford University, Stanford)
10:00 Session 5 - Perceptual Issues and Psychoacoustics
Chair: Catherine Guastavino
10:00 On the Dynamics of the Harpsichord and its Synthesis [slides 1.1Mo]
Henri Penttinen
10:20 Musical Sound Timbre: Verbal Description and Dimensions
Jan Stӗpánek
10:40 Musical Key Estimation of Audio Signal Based on Hidden Markov Modeling of Chroma Vectors
Geoffroy Peeters
11:00 Coffee/Tea Break
11:20 Session 6 - Audio Analysis and Low Level Features 1
Chair: Gianpaolo Evangelista
11:20 Onset Detection Revisited [slides 80ko]
Simon Dixon
11:40 A New Analysis Method for Sinusoids+Noise Spectral Models [slides 0.6Mo] [.zip 6.6Mo]
Guillaume Meurisse, Pierre Hanna and Sylvain Marchand
12:00 Adaptive Noise Level Estimation
Chunghsin Yeh and Axel Röbel
12:20 Lunch & Poster Session 2
Categories of Perception for Vibrato, Flange, and Stereo Chorus: Mapping Out the Musically Useful Ranges of Modulation Rate and Depth for Delay-Based Effects
William Martens and Marui, Atsushi
Inter Genre Similarity Modeling for Automatic Music Genre Classification
Ulas Bagci and Engin Erzin
Variable Pre-Emphasis LPC for Modeling Vocal Effort in the Singing Voice [poster 320ko]
Karl I. Nordstrom and Peter F. Driessen
Frequency-Dependent Boundary Condition for the 3-D Digital Waveguide Mesh
Antti Kelloniemi
Some Physical Audio Effects
Edgar Berdahl and Julius O. Smith
Table Lookup Oscillators Using Generic Integrated Wavetables
Günter Geiger
Error Compensation in Modeling Time-Varying Sinusoids [poster 5Mo]
Xue Wen and Mark Sandler
A Stochastic State-Space Phase Vocoder for Synthesis of Roughness [poster 8.5Mo]
Doug Van Nort and Philippe Depalle
14:20 Session 7 - Sound Synthesis 2
Chair: Gary Scavone
14:20 Fast Additive Sound Synthesis Using Polynomials [slides 0.5Mo]
Matthias Robine, Robert Strandh and Sylvain Marchand
14:40 Synthesis by Arcs on the Unit Circle
(cancelled) Vittorio Cafagna and Domenico Vicinanza
15:00 Circle Maps as a Simple Oscillators for Complex Behavior: II. Experiments
Georg Essl
15:20 Feedback Implementation Within a Complex Event Generation System for Emergent Sonic Structures
Sinan Bökesoy
15:40 Coffee/Tea Break
16:00 Session 8 - Spatialization
Chair: Stefan Bilbao
16:00 Joint Acoustic Source Location and Orientation Estimation Using Sequential Monte Carlo [slides 1.3Mo] [.zip 1Mo]
Maurice Fallon, Simon Godsill and Andrew Blake
16:20 On the Use of Irregularly Spaced Loudspeaker Arrays for Wave Field Synthesis, Potential Impact on Spatial Aliasing Frequency [slides 9Mo]
Étienne Corteel
16:40 Detection of Room Reflections from a Binaural Room Impulse Response
Sampo Vesa and Tapio Lokki
17:00 Archaeological Acoustic Space Measurement for Convolution Reverberation and Auralization Applications
Damian T. Murphy
17:20 End of Session
19:00 Banquet / Social Event

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