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Program for Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2006 (Day 3)

08:00 Registrations
09:00 Keynote 3: A Meta-Analysis of Acoustic Correlates of Timbre Dimensions [slides 1.1Mo]
Stephen McAdams (CIRMMT, McGill University, Montreal)
10:00 Session 9 - Source Separation
Chair: Robert Hoeldrich
10:00 Improved Cocktail-Party Processing
Alexis Favrot, Markus Erne and Christof Faller
10:20 A Source Localization/Separation/Respatialization System Based on Unsupervised Classification of Interaural Cues [slides 0.6Mo] [.zip 17.5Mo]
Joan Mouba and Sylvain Marchand
10:40 DAFx-07 in Bordeaux, France
Sylvain Marchand
11:00 Coffee/Tea Break
11:20 Session 10 - Audio Analysis and Low Level Features 2
Chair: Geoffroy Peeters
11:20 Assessing the Quality of the Extraction and Tracking of Sinusoidal Components: Towards an Evaluation Methodology [slides 0.5Mo]
Mathieu Lagrange and Sylvain Marchand
11:40 Sinusoidal Extraction Using an Efficient Implementation of a Multi-Resolution FFT
Karin Dressler
12:00 High Accuracy Frame-by-Frame Non-Stationary Sinusoidal Modelling
Jeremy J. Wells and Damian T. Murphy
12:20 Lunch & Poster Session 3
Granular Resynthesis for Sound Unmixing [poster 44ko]
Gunnar Eisenberg and Thomas Sikora
Extraction and Removal of Percussive Sounds from Musical Recordings
John Usher
Representations of Audio Signals in Overcomplete Dictionaries: What is the Link Between Redundancy Factor and Coding Properties?
Emmanuel Ravelli and Laurent Daudet
A Spatial Interface for Audio and Music Production
Mike Wozniewski, Zack Settel, and Jeremy R. Cooperstock
Streaming Frequency-Domain DAFx in Csound 5 [poster 380ko]
Victor Lazzarini, Joe Timoney, and Tom Lysaght
Real-Time Corpus-Based Concatenative Synthesis with CataRT [poster 400ko]
Diemo Schwarz, Grégory Beller, Bruno Verbrugghe, and Sam Britton
Multichannel Signal Representation in PWGLSynth
Mikael Laurson and Vesa Norilo
Using Faust for FPGA Programming
Robert Trausmuth, Christian Dusek, and Yann Orlarey
14:20 Session 11 - Audio Coding & Audio for Multimedia
Chair: Caroline Traube
14:20 Parametric Coding of Stereo Audio Based on Principal Component Analysis [slides 2.4Mo]
Manuel Briand, David Virette, and Nadine Martin
14:40 Exact Discrete-Time Realization of a Dolby B Encoding/Decoding Architecture
Federico Avanzini and Federico Fontana
15:00 Real-Time Bayesian GSM Buzz Removal [slides 5Mo]
Han Lin and Simon Godsill
15:20 Application of Raster Scanning Method to Image Sonification, Sound Visualization, Sound Analysis and Synthesis
Woon Seung Yeo and Jonathan Berger
15:40 Coffee/Tea Break
16:00 Session 12 - Software Implementation
Chair: Sean Ferguson
16:00 Cecilia and TclCsound
Jean Piché and Victor Lazzarini
16:20 A New Paradigm for Sound Design
Ananya Misra, Perry R. Cook, and Ge Wang
16:40 Sound Processing in OpenMusic
Jean Bresson
17:00 End of the Conference

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